Welcome to Hannah's Gifts of Hope

Hannah Grace was born on December 8, 2005 in Frederick, MD.  Our family always viewed her as a gift from God because she was born at a very tumultuous time in our lives.  Our family moved home to Alabama in the summer after Hannah Grace was born.  Hannah Grace was full of life, and she brought joy to everyone who knew her.  In 2007, Hannah Grace became a big sister to Chandler, and she loved him so much.  In May 2008, Hannah Grace began having some vomiting and headaches.  Our pediatrician sent us for a CT scan, and it revealed that she had a brain tumor.  She had 4 brain surgeries, and the doctors were able to remove all of her tumor.  Hannah Grace began chemo in June 2008.  She underwent 5 rounds of high dose chemo followed by an autologous stem cell transplant in January 2009.  Following the transplant, Hannah Grace had several complications related to the extremely high doses of chemo she had been given.  We were told on three separate occasions that she wouldn't make it out of the hospital.  In April 2009, we took Hannah Grace home from the hospital to begin the road to recovery.  In August 2009, she began preschool, and we were able to live a "normal" life.  In October 2009, an MRI showed that the cancer had returned, not in the original spot, but there was one area in her brain and several in her spine.  We moved to Houston, TX for Hannah Grace to undergo proton radiation treatments.  Her follow up MRI's showed a good response to the radiation, but she began having trouble in June 2010.  Hannah Grace had an MRI on July 1, 2010, and it revealed that her cancer had returned in the original tumor location as well as throughout her brain and spine.  On August 1, 2010, Hannah Grace left the arms of her earthly parents and went into the arms of her heavenly Father.